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Andrew started at 15 on a Trident scheme at a busy local garage. He was instantly offered full time employment by the owner based on that Trident experience.

While still at school Andrew worked at the same garage on weekends until he was old enough to work full time. He became a critical member of the garage servicing team and a qualified MOT tester.

After 13 years at with the same employee Andrew was  headhunted to be the sole mechanic for a rival garage servicing all makes sold on the forecourt.

After a further 8 years, with 21 years experience Andrew decided it was time to set up his own business - AEB’s garage was born.

Specializing in servicing & diagnostics Andrew has invested heavily in diagnostic equipment and ongoing training. He has now been trading as AEB Automotive since Sept 2004.


Andrew Beddoes is AEB Automotive. With more than 25 years experience working for two employers and since 2004 for himself Andrew has a wealth of experience, which he draws on constantly to diagnose, and repair all makes of car.

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